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About Us

We,, are the world’s most trusted generic drug pharmacy. We offer best-value generic ed, skincare, men’s health, and women’s health drugs without ever compromising quality. We are only supplying non-restricted medicines that we sourced from FDA-approved manufacturers. RxCare, an Online Pharmacy store, has strived to be The Very Best in each health sector.

Leading well-known pharmaceutical companies like: manufacture the products we are offering

Sun Pharma




Ajanta Pharma

Intas Pharma

Torrent Pharma


Dr. Reddy etc. is managed by a qualified Pharmacist team. A certified Physicians team writes all contents of RxCare.

All medicines we are offering have a standard quality at the lowest affordable price.


To offer high quality to our customers is our motto.

All the listed medicines on RxCare is directly purchased from a reputable manufacturer or their respected wholesaler.

Generic alternatives are clearly stated and only sourced from FDA-approved manufacturing facilities. We offer these and the branded products as a more affordable alternative if this is important to you.

At, you are our top priority. We uphold the highest quality and safety standards to help you take care of your family’s health. We focus on quality to not only make your life healthier, but we want you to be happy and have great tomorrow!

When you fill a prescription online at or by phone or by mail, our team of pharmacists, technicians, physicians, and other staff takes pride in ensuring you receive the right products and qualitative services for your health needs. Whether you are filling a prescription or purchasing over-the-counter health products, we want to make your experience at RxCare as quick and easy as possible because we care about your health.

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